An Easy Way To Increase Your Retirement Returns

I’ve been posting chapters from my Kindle ebook, Boost Your 401(K): The Easy Way To Retirement Riches, as a way to offer some investing ideas for my readers.  What some readers may not know is, there is a really  fast and amazingly effective way you can increase the returns on your 401(K) account, by making just […]

October Sale – Investing Ebooks Just $.99

The fall is in full swing, and while we’re planning for the holidays, we’re also thinking about end of year financial tasks. So, it’s a great time to have an October SALE! All financial ebooks below are on sale thru the end of October for just $.99! Click the image for more detail:     […]

BOOST Your 401(k) Free Promotion Days

Boost Your 401(K): The Easy Way To Retirement Riches is free today and tomorrow – April 20 and 21 – get the free download and start building a secure retirement! Will Social Security be there for you? This FREE ebook shows how you can not only retire but retire RICH — Susan Calhoun (@easywaytoinvest) […]

Invest in Gold: New Ebook Shows You How

Published today is our latest installment in the “Easy Way” series: “The Easy Way to Invest in Gold: Precious Metals for the Beginning Investor”, now available for Kindle e-readers and Kindle apps.  This is exciting because gold as an investment has just taken off, and the price as of today’s writing is in the neighborhood […]

New Mutual Fund Investing Ebook

Just released a new ebook, “The Easy Way To Invest In Mutual Funds: A Beginner’s Guide” for Amazon Kindle. It outlines the basics of mutual fund investing, explains how to open an account, and the pros and cons of using mutual funds to reach your financial goals. This short ebook is packed with information about […]

Start Putting Money Aside To Invest

Even before you start to save money, you’ll want to open an account where you can stash your investment savings.  The idea is to have one account where you’re going to put the money that you’re using just for investments.  You have a couple of options.  There’s a traditional savings account that you can open […]

Easy Way To Invest Ebook Out Now

You can start investing even if you only have a few dollars a week to put aside – new ebook, “Easy Way To Invest: Start Small, Get Rich Investing With Small Amounts” shows how:   On Amazon: This ebook helps get you started investing even if you only have a few dollars a week […]